Recruitment and Manpower

We recruit, manage and mobilize our best specialists of more than 40 different nationalities for any industrial sector

Recruitment & Manpower

We are able to recruit and manage the best experts of any nationality and specialization. Throughout our recruitment system and the high efficiency of our staff, we manage a continuously growing database with over 56.000 skilled personnel ready to be mobilized anytime for our clients.

Over 56,000
Direct / indirect

Over 70% of our staff in our database consists of direct figures. Furthermore we have as well a wide range of white collars, middle management and top management personnel with a long proved experience in the Oil & Gas sector

+35 Nationalities
of Skilled personnel
Worldwide presence

Through our selection and training campaigns in various parts of the world, we are able to supply staff of various nationalities: European/US, CIS, Asian, South Americans and Middle Eastern.

high professionalism

A solid database

Our international staff is working full time to contact potential new applicants, reviewing the staff records in order to always have an updated situation to supply to our clients.

Our Recruitment Process

Our goal is to supply to our clients a very high quality service and most of all long lasting, based on our staff professionalism and on our passion for excellence. Our selection process consists of the following steps:


We select applicants who mostly meet the request of our clients, to the length of the project, to the nationalities and working schedules.


We contact the single applicant in order to verify their availability, mobilisation time and financial conditions.


We control the documents, certifications or licenses, we meet the applicants at our structures in order to make sure of their technical level.


Following a request of our client and the projects specifications, we carry out on site training activities in order to mobilize only staff that is ready.
Over the years we have refined a process of technical selection of staff that allows us to have a success rate and customer satisfaction that has made us leaders in the territories in which we operate.