4th Injection Compressor Project- KARASHAGANAK- KAZAKHSTAN

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The Project

The project is aimed at extending the plateau of liquid hydrocarbons extraction, which, in turn, will help to gain significant additional profit for the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Karachaganak partner companies. The expected economic return should also provide funds for the implementation of further investment projects at the Karachaganak field.

4IC Project is the last of the three Karachaganak Plateau Extension Projects (PEP), which also include KPC Gas Debottlenecking Project (KGDBN), the 5th Trunkline & Wells Project, entering into the execution phase.

Project Details

Project: 4th Injection Compressor Project (Karashaganak Plant)
Type: Plant Extension (Mechanical, Piping, Civil, Structural, Electrical)
Starting Date: September 2019
End Date (Estimated): Q2 2021
Country: Kazakhstan (AKSAI)