Fleet Management and Transportation

Fleet Management & Transportation

In agreement with the single project’s requirements (especially from safety standards standpoints) we are able to devise a fleet of vehicles and drivers able to fulfill our clients’ requirements. We directly manage all the procurement activities, import and customization of vehicles, we directly hire the drivers and required coordinators operating the shifts, the safe driving courses and daily medical examinations to ensure a service always impeccable.

87 Active Vehicles
Wide range of cars and buses

We are able to mobilize a wide range of vehicles following a precise request from our clients. In case of a particular request, we have all the necessary channels to purchase and import the vehicles requested by the locations specified by the client.

Over 205 Drivers
Highly professional drivers

All of our drivers have successfully passed the safe driving courses requested by our high standards, and daily carry out medical examinations to check the driving skills in order to offer maximum safety to the passengers.

GPS Alert System
Maximum level of safety

All of our vehicles have an integrated GPS system able to state the driving details (like speed and trajectories) in an integrated system easy to be accessed by our clients, in order to check the driving style and safety in real time.
Our fleet based on: